SHEMERA project in the Parliament Magazine

Friday, 23 March 2012
The SHEMERA project appeared as an insertion in issue 337 (7th November 2011) of The Parliament Magazine. It was a special issue focusing on the EU Gender Summit was published. The Parliament Magazine is the magazine for the European Parliament and European Commission. It is distributed once every two weeks to all Members of the European Parliament, senior members of the Commission, the Council and various EU institutions. It has a hard copy distribution of 3.000. Additionally, the digital magazine is distributed to 33.000 contacts including the public affairs contacts from EPAD (European Public Affairs Directory), bulletin subscribers, from EU officials/Commission staff to public affairs consultants and journalists worldwide. The Magazine provides an excellent vehicle for policy stakeholders, lobbyists and EU funded projects to showcase what they are doing, communicate lobby messages or disseminate and mainstream results to senior policy makers and senior civil servants.