AUC Workshop on "Health Equity and Reproductive Health in the Arab Countries : From Research to Policy"

The Social Research Centre of the American University in Cairo (AUC) with support from UNFPA/ASRO and Hewlett Foundation conducted the workshop " Health Equity and Reproductive Health in the Arab Countries: From Research to Policy", during the period 18, Dec 2011 - 5,Jan 2012. Participants with research and/or programmatic interests in the fields of health systems and/or gender equity attended the workshop from different countries :Egypt, Lebanon, USA, Qatar, Oman, Morocco, Syria, Palastine, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq. The workshop highlighted the implications of social determinants of health equity on reproductive health research, policy and programs. It aimed at encouraging empirical research and building evidence based research on reproductive health equity and its social determinants to inform policy planning as well as stimulating inter-sectoral actions to reduce inequities in health at all levels of the society. Besides enhancing the research capacities and skills of the participants in addressing issues of population and reproductive health equity, one of the integral parts of the workshop was to stress the importance of translating research findings into evidence based knowledge for policy recommendations. On behalf of the Alexandria Regional Centre for Women's Health and Development, Dr. Sara Hanafy, Research Program Officer, attended this workshop. Dr. Hanafy is Associate Scientific Coordinator in SHEMERA project in Alexandria, Egypt

Tuesday, 18 December 2012