Euro-Mediterranean Workshop on Gender and Science, 30 May 2014, Naples

Friday, 30 May 2014

Città della Scienza will host the Euro-Mediterranean SHEMERA Workshop. After three years of research and networking activity to understand better the presence of Women in Third Mediterranean Countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestinian-administered areas, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia), main scope of this workshop is to share the outcomes with European Countries and to discuss ways policies for the promotion of gender equality in the short- and mid-term. This workshop will be the intermediate step before the Final Conference that will be held in Cairo in October 2014, and it represents the crossroad between the results of the research and the formulation of recommendations. Expected participants are apart from SHEMERA partners, National representatives of women/gender-sensitive scientific associations in the Europe and in the Mediterranean partner Countries, and leaders of other European project in the field.

The Naples Euro-Mediterranean workshop will look at these three approaches, starting in the morning session from the progresses made in the three SHEMERA axis of research (statistics on gender and science, gender equality policies in science, and research on gender inequalities in scientific careers), the discussion, looking at the road done since twenty years in Europe, was started at the national level within the National Task Force and national Workshops (already hosted in Palestine and in Egypt; scheduled for March 27-28 in Marocco and May 7 in Jordan). The second half of the workshop will be dedicated to debate and networking in working groups between partners and representatives of Women associations from both sides of the Mediterranean. A sample of experts (five for Europe and nine from Mediterranean partner Countries, leaders of European projects on gender issues) have been invited to the workshop in order to enlarge the discussion and to get benefits from the experience of each one to the other. Three thematic groups will be proposed in order to focus the discussion on the main key issues: (a) the presence of women in research in Arab Countries (past, present and future); (b) root causes of gender segregation in the labor market; (c) policies and measures to promote gender equality in the evolving context of MPCs. The principal outcomes of the afternoon discussion will be reported by facilitators in the final session in order to prepare the roadmap for the Final Conference and the formulation of recommendations for policy-makers aimed at ensuring a better integration of the gender dimension in research policies of these countries. This Final session will be open to the public in order to respond to the interest of many scientists and experts engaged at the local to raise gender issues in society. 

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