Université Libre de Bruxelles, Coordinator

Prof. Danièle Meulders



The Département d’économie appliquée of the ULB (DULBEA) hosts 9 research units each built around a different theme: economic cycles, the economy of the region of Brussels Capital, health economics, innovation economics, labour economics (DULBEA-ETE), international economy and finance, public and non-profit economics, regional and technology economics (DULBEA-CERT), and economic modelling.

The research carried out by the unit DULBEA-ETE systematically includes a gender dimension. Its most recent projects include: “She Figures 2009” (2008 –2009); “Belgian Gender and Income Analysis (BGIA)” (2007 - 2009); “Public policies


Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation

Dr. Dora Groó
Ms Beata Szoboszlai


TETALAP is a non-profit research organisation established by the Hungarian Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 1994. TETALAP's mission is to develop the international relations of the Hungarian R&D community, to participate in Hungary’s EU integration efforts by promoting activities in the field of science and technology and to facilitate the access of interested Hungarian parties to EU R&D funding. The Foundation has been active in the "Women and Science" thematic area for several years. It is currently coordinating 2 FP6 projects entitled “Stimulating Policy Debate on Women and Science Issues in Central Europe” and “Survey of the University Career of Female Scientists at Life Sciences versus Technical Universities”. Presently it is participating in the PRAGES FP7 project “Practising Gender Equality in Science” and coordinates the FP7 GENDERA project (“Gender
debate in the European Research Area”).


National Documentation Centre

Dr. Evi Sachini
Ms Maria Samara



The National Documentation Centre (ΕΚΤ) is the national institution for documentation, information and support on science, research and technology issues.Founded in 1980, EKT/NHRF is part of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF) and is supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religion. EKT/NHRF's mission is to act as a backbone for the Greek national infrastructure for the development, organisation and provision of science and technology content, offering services to the country's scientific and business community.


Istanbul Teknik Universitesi

Prof.  Gulsun Saglamer
Prof. Mine Tan



Established in 1773, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is one of the largest technical universities in Turkey. Its human resources have been dedicated to the subject area for more than a decade. ITU has established the Women’s Studies Center in Science, Engineering and Technologyin November 2009. The founding group of female academics has taken part in many national and international projects and activities to strengthen the position of women in the academic world. The specific objectives of the centre are to deal with gender equality and representation of women in SET and the mainstreaming the gender dimension in this area. Among the proposed activities of the centre are the organisation of the First and the Second European
Women Rectors Conferences.

Fondazione IDIS - Città della Scienza

Dr. Flavia Zucco
Ms. Anne-Marie Bruyas


Fondazione IDIS - Città della Scienza is a non-profit organization which has operated in Naples since 1989. The objective of the organization is to set up initiatives of social interest in the field of the promotion of science and technological innovation as a contribution to the sustainable development. The mission is to generate a virtuous process of scientific education, a continuous training and a state of creation/stimulation of new job opportunities as well as a social and economic growth of population, both with direct action and in partnership with other actors.
From many years Città della Scienza is very active in international cooperation with particular attention to the Mediterranean area by promoting concrete actions that use science as a language of peace, dialogue and development.


Arab African Research Center

Prof. Shahida El Baz


Academy of Scientific Research & Technology

Ms Ola Laurence
Mr Amr Radwan


The Egyptian Academy of Science, a non profit organization, provides a public service by ensuring independent, unbiased assessments of sciences and by representing sciences both within Egypt and internationally. The ASRT is the executive arm of the Egyptian Ministry of Scientific Research with respect to the design and implementation of Research programs. It also manages a number of projects funded by foreign agencies (USA, Sweden, France, European Commission) in addition to funding a number of research projects through national (Egyptian) programs.


Association culturelle M'Barek Ait Menguelet

Ms. Nadia Ait Zai
Dr. Meriem Hadj Moussa


Alexandria University

Dr. Marie Moftah
Prof. Bahia Shaheen 


 Alexandria University is a bold and innovative leader in providing an accessible, adaptable and
challenging learning environment to develop graduates and research that meet the needs of its
regional, national and international communities. The mission of Alexandria University is to
contribute to the society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest
international levels of excellence.



University of Jordan

Prof. Mahasen M Aljaghoub



Royal Scientific Society

Eng. Fida'a Jibril


Université Saint-Joseph

Dr. Marie Abboud Mehanna
Dr. Charbel Afif
Dr Hyam Abboud
Ms Mirna Abboud Elia


Saint Joseph University isa private university founded in 1875 in Lebanon. The Lebanese state officially recognizes the university and the diplomas it grants in accord with the law organizing higher education in Lebanon. It is a member of the Association of Arab Universities, the International Association of Universities, the Association of French speaking universities (AUPELF) the International Federation of Catholic Universities, the European Federation of Catholic Universities, the Association of Jesuit Institutions of Higher Learning in Europe and Lebanon and the Euro-Med University (Téthys). It is linked to over one hundred universities: Arab, European, American and Canadian, by accords for cooperation. Saint Joseph University counts over 1,880 professors of various rank; over 500 employees and workers in general services and laboratories and 11,000 students.

Université Hassan II, Mohammedia - Casablanca

Prof. Rachida Nafaa
Prof. Amina Bettachy


Birzeit University

Prof. Islah Jad
Dr. Mirvat Bulbul


Established in 1994, the Institute of Women`s Studies (IWS) at Birzeit University is committed to teaching, research, gender-based community intervention, and influencing social policies. It isthe first academic initiative in gender studies in Palestine and one of only two centers in the Arab world.  Furthermore, the Institute's Master Program in “Gender and Development Studies” is the first graduate program of its kind in the region.

Aleppo University

Prof. Hayat Touchan
Prof. Amal Kabous



The Aleppo University is a leading public scientific institution with a rich cultural heritage. It operates within the framework of the policies set by the Syrian Arab Republic in terms of educational, cultural and service–related needs of society. The University grew rapidly, forming respected programs in engineering, sciences, and literature, as well as a strong emphasis on languages, offering courses on the German, Russian, French, and English languages, in addition to Arabic. Aleppo University consists of 25 faculties (including 2 higher institutes) with 152 departments, among which 20 faculties are in Aleppo and 5 in Idlib.

Université de Carthage

Prof. Sihem Jaziri
Dr. Houda Laroussi