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The 1995 Barcelona Declaration recognised ‘the key role of women in development’ in the Mediterranean region, and the need ‘to promote their active participation in economic and social life, and in the creation of employment’. During the 2006 Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference Strengthening the Role of Women in Society, the Euro-Mediterranean Ministers stressed that the equal participation of women and men in all spheres of life was a crucial element of democracy and confirmed that only by the inclusion of all people and through determined action will the region’s women be able to fulfil their ambitions and aspirations and, by extension, contribute towards the realisation of the underlying objective of the Barcelona Declaration: the attainment of a common area of peace, stability and shared prosperity in the Mediterranean region. Given that the promotion of women in science is a key issue in the development of a Euro Mediterranean Research Area, the SHEMERA project aims to support Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in a joint effort to strengthen the role of women in science and indeed in all spheres of life. SHEMERA will represent a key contribution to increasing the knowledge base on gender and science issues in the Mediterranean Partner Countries, allowing further development of Euro-Mediterranean research cooperation in this field.